Hey, I’m Lenka

With the vision and tenacity of a true entrepreneur, my mission is to teach and create for leaders and entrepreneurs powerful personal brands around who they are.  Applying the power of discipline and mindset to shape their personal brand as well as bodies with the Lenka Method.

Our Approach

My approach is a new innovative result-based performance framework for personal branding using the 5 pillars of performance applying the mindset of champions and the power of discipline to allow business owners and leaders to take their game to the next level to build a strong personal brand. 

Mindset = I am the expert.

Mindset = BIGGER impact.

Mindset = earning more money.

Mindset = showing up in an even bigger way. Becoming a fashionably hot brand!


Redefine What’s Possible!


Building a brand around who you are! Using the mindset of fitness and sport champions to grow your brand. You can choose to work on your body if you wish to get fitter and stronger.

In this well established problem lies a solution. My services look at the specific needs of each individual which allows for a dramatic and sustainable shift in both the individual performance and delivers a structured and tailored solution with the Lenka Method. You can apply these 5 key pillars to other areas of your lives.

What our clients say