Hi, I’m Lenka

I’m a Mindset & Personal Branding Strategist with an MA in Marketing. My aim is to help natural born leaders and business help to shape their personal brands ( and bodies) to become fashionably hot! Predominantly work with food & drinks, wellbeing and sport brands. 

People’s performance starts in the mind of each individual, so I developed the tools and the approach that really work, where others have failed. It starts with Attitude! Once you shift the occurrence of yourself, your performance shifts. Start today = Act as if you are already the fashionably hot brand! The attitude what will make the difference to your brand and your body! 

Why body? I use the power of sport performance mindset to get you to the next level and be stronger than your strongest excuse.

My fitness journey with the TRX, a functional training tool, combined with my business coaching skills and entrepreneurial spirit, has taught me a new way of thinking. This new way of thinking fused with a fierce commitment can transform your mind to achieve the next level of performance for yourself, your team and your organisation.

Realising the potential of this, I further developed my techniques and put them to the test on real life clients. The dramatic change in their mindset was clear from the outset and once that change was achieved, it was there to stay. Each client became more confident and powerful in their own ability and performance. I knew there and then,I’d found a powerful solution that so obviously delivers results.


 I’ve worked one to one with a wide range of clients, from CEO’s to MD’s in both the corporate and entrepreneurial worlds, but each one had a common goal … to achieve extraordinary transformational results.

If you’re ready for a personal and business transformation and you’re ready for the hard work and commitment, click the link to contact me and take the first step to transform the future of your organisation!