Coffee Break: Interview With Jim Cregan

Coffee Break: Interview With Jim Cregan

A while back, I stole a few minutes of  the founder of JimmysIcedCoffee, Jim Cregan, to ask him a few key questions ( I love their  so much). I have to admit that I am not a coffee drinker, but Iced Jimmy’s coffee is the perfect coffee brand for all non-coffee drinkers ( I tested it myself). I am a big supporter and believer in a cool, sometimes risk taking branding. Jimmysicedcoffee certainly delivers its mission. As a big fan of the lifestyle approach, creating a hook to connect with customers on an emotional level, my questions were mainly on this topic.


Jim admitted that when he was in Australia, he used to be called Jimmy, this is how the brand was born. He loved the coffee and decided to bring it to the UK market, but he brought the name from there as well.  Jim does not sell coffee, he sells a way of life – free life, fun and adventure as Jim says, an amazing lifestyle that connects with people on an emotional level.

How did you come up with the idea of the branding? 

I wanted to talk to people in my own language and connect with people on a personal level. I wanted to show off “Who I am” and allow customers to connect with them.

I love your key message, Chins up, how did you come up with this message? 

I wanted to bring the lifestyle to people through the message. “Keep chins up” is about being positive, feel better, make it life easier and simpler.

Who is your customer? 

I have been asked this question many times. We don’t have segmentation clusters although our customers are any age, from 15 – 85 years old. I would describe themadventurous, who like to have fun and not taking life too seriously.

What was your key strategy to launch your product?

We have identified the cool place where to sell our product – Selfridges.

What is your advice for other business owners how to engage customers? 

Educate and entertain. Combine fun with interesting stuff and people will love you for it. If you give people something what is memorable, maybe even hilarious, they will remember you.

Your social following is huge, what is your advice to other business owners?

Get a smart phone and tune in on social media. Connect and talk to your customers.

What are top 3 tips how to gain respect and get your customers to commit?

  • Be there for your customers
  • Talk to your customers. Create relevant, interesting content that engages them.
  • Create meaningful content. Be consistent but relevant content.

How did you create such as amazing branding?

The branding came from me, Who I am. We created a detailed brief and worked with an agency to design our website.

What is your top tips for other brands?

Do not sell to your customers all the time, tell who you are, ask them to join you and party with you!

The most amazing news I got from Jim was the fact that they are a small team – 4 people. Impressive! All those who think that they need a big team to change the world, think again! Well done from me.

As always, I want to hear from you. Do you know who you are?

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