How To Turn Your Fear Into Action

How To Turn Your Fear Into Action

Do you feel scared of things that you’re so paralysed to take some actions? Let’s figure out what the heck you’re scared of.

I know the feeling. A few months ago I was so paralysed that I was not able to take any actions, even on things that I had always wanted to do. It is still happening to me but I’ve learnt a simple trick how to manage it and turn into positive actions.

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In tarot, there is a type of reading in which a card is in a position called Hopes & Fears emphasising the fact that they are both very related. It is possible that within your deepest fear lies your deepest brilliance and potentially your happiness.

Can you imagine that your next biggest breakthrough, the things you desire are just a step away from you? 

That’s why I feel so passionate about helping people to identify their fears to discover things they love and were born to do.

Let’s look at how we can turn fears into actions.

Take an empty sheet of paper or your diary, write down is the thing you’re most afraid of doing right now?

Don’t write the reasons why. Just for now, keep out the “because” and focus on what is the fear.

A few examples to make it easier for you:

  • I’m afraid of leaving my marriage.
  • I’m afraid of doing videos
  • I’m most afraid of setting up my own business.
  • I’m most afraid of being alone.
  • I’m most afraid of finding a new job.

Now write yours. Make your list long as you wish. Nobody else is going to see it.

Keep in mind that all those things you are most afraid of at the moment. These fears stop you from taking actions and achieving things in your life.

Now when you have your list, let’s look at how we turn them into positive actions. We need to reframe this fear by changing the sentence into excitement.

Let’s move them into DOING!

Now let’s turn it round by using I’m excited ….. 

I’m excited to leave my current husband and find a new boyfriend …. or be free …

I’m so excited to start doing videos …

Once you have this go back to these sentences, write “because”. 

A few more examples for you:

I’m so excited to start doing videos because I can start sharing my knowledge with the world.

I’m so excited to leave my current job and find a new one because I will do what I love and meet you new people.

You’ll start seeing all the new exciting things that were hidden in front of your view as you were too focused on your fears. Imagine what is now possible what was not possible before because you start taking actions?

I want to hear from you. How do you feel? Who else in your life will be thrilled and supported by your new choices? 



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