Share Your Grandmother Story

Share Your Grandmother Story

Little village in the middle of Tuscany, Radicondoli, surrounded by the beautiful landscape scenery of the countryside and allocated not too far from towns of Casole d’Elsa and San Gimignano. This little village has something very special – a little  in the middle of the little square serving authentic  food – meat, pasta, cheeses and salad called Agriteca.  

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On Saturday night it was the busiest restaurant, buzzing with lots of music and happy customers.

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Do you know why? 

The restaurant has a story but the story is being told through every little detail – its design, the chairs, tables, atmosphere, the food and amazing unique specially selected wine. The founders share their stories via the recipes of the dishes.

When I talked to the owner, I was even more amazed to find out that the lasagne recipe was from his mother ( special secret). I tell you the lasagne were to die for.

Truly loved the conversation with the owner who took care of its customers that you felt to know more. You wanted to try out more food and wine. Little details in the shop made you feel special. Its authentic was screaming at you to stay longer.

As we know all lovemarks brands need to have its mystery and they need to tell its mystery through stories. They need to touch, move and inspire. This little restaurant has its own story that is being told thorough each little detail.

At the end of the end, behind each lovemark / #hotifyed brand is the person who created it.

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